A narrative with multiple characters and no single protagonist, the book’s distinction lies in the unusual structure.

Jane seizes the opportunity to study in the United States after escaping from a hastily arranged marriage in India. She copes with an arduous job and multiple challenges to complete her higher studies in the U.S. Although deracinated from a life of comfort to one of hardship, Jane takes it all in her stride and adapting easily to an alien world she tastes phenomenal success eventually. Unwilling to sever ties with the country of her birth, she devotes a large part of her time to tend to charities in India aimed at upliftment of socially excluded women and youth.

Lila witnesses the bankruptcy of her landowner parents during colonial India but succeeds against all odds in qualifying as a doctor. Sadly disillusioned with her traumatic victimization in a trumped up charge, she leaves for California only returning several decades later to serve with an honest charity, in a bid to repay the land of her birth.

Avatar epitomizes the somewhat clichéd image of the humble Indian striking rich in Silicon Valley. He fails to catch out an Indian colleague’s meticulously devised plan of embezzling company funds.

Gorgeous and gloriously single Lekha nurses no qualms in engaging in a torrid affair with a lover from her past, well aware that he is a married man albeit in an unhappy relationship.

Namita and her family give up a luxurious lifestyle in India to forge a new life in Sydney, Australia. Negotiating multiple hurdles and making new friends along the way they are finally able to call Australia home.

Arriving at her late in-law’s house in New Delhi, Rukmini intends to make it a flying visit to wind up the place and return to England but finds herself drawn into a vortex of issues that compel her to extend hers and her children’s stay. Different influences like the problems hounding their domestic helper or the little world her in-law’s had built with care kindle a curious sensibility in this family leading to some rather unexpected changes in their lives.