About the Author

Smita Kale was educated at Mater Dei School in New Delhi India and completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s from Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi. She also acquired a Bachelor’s in Education from the Central Institute of Education, University Of Delhi. She has qualified as a guidance counsellor from both India and Australia. Smita has over three decades of experience in teaching and counselling in India and abroad. About ‘What a Paradise!’ Smita says

The book is meant to entertain with a purpose. The stories have evolved from my personal experiences while living in several different countries across the world. Through each dramatic story I wanted to highlight the primary reality that Paradise is what we make of our lives and need not be determined geographically. Besides, the values we have imbibed through the ethical and religious nurturing back home, could sustain us through challenging times if we choose to draw courage from them. Each time I return to India I am pained by the ubiquitous rising corruption, growing socio economic divide and the chasm separating the rich and the poor which leaves the middle classes floundering. I have made an honest attempt to portray the plight of the commoners through certain incidents in the book. You can’t see the wood for the trees and many Indians have grown oblivious to not just the blatant corruption but also the mercenary victimization of the masses by people in authority.